End to end production solution that converts 2G biomass like straw, spent brewers grains, DDGS, Lactose Whey into high-value biochemicals and 3G micro-algae into oils for cosmetics and fuel


First company to produce 99%+ optically pure L(+) and D(-) Lactic Acid from lignocellulose and lactose whey using combined enzyme cocktail, multiple bacteria and high pressure combination

Algae to Oil

Low energy, solvent free solution using SoniqueFlo, processing at 10 tonnes per hour, resulted in a 10 fold reduction in enzyme use and 4 fold increase in lipids/oils extraction from algae in 2 hours


24% uplift in methane production after SoniqueFlo treatment on primary and secondary sludge. Slurries of up to 14% solids increases output to 3.3 cubic meters of biogas per tonne of sludge


  • The ethanol industry has really only been around for... more news

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