Cellulac is the first company to produce 99%+ optically pure L(+) and D(-) Lactic Acid for high heat resistance and strong PLA Bioplastics from a variety of second generation feedstocks that do not have a negative effect on human or animal food.

One Million Metric Tonnes (1,000,000 MT) of Lactic Acid

The Cellulac solution to human over-reliance on petrochemical plastics has been to acquire, develop and collaboration to create a;

  • Low cost of sustainable sugars
  • Significantly reduced cost of energy consumption in production
  • Price parity with petrochemical plastics
  • Flexibility for multiple 2nd generation feedstocks
  • End-to-End Solution, design, enzymes, bacteria, processing
  • Defined route to market
  • Defined roadmap to 1,000,000 tonnes of biochemical raw materials
  • Defined proven scaleable production processes
  • Production sites close to raw materials
  • Partners in the entire farm to finished consumer products
  • Partners in further development

Multiple 2nd Generation Raw Materials

    Lactose whey

  • The world whey production is over 160 million tonnes per year (estimated as 9-fold the cheese production), showing a 1–2% annual growth rate

Lignocellulosic Biomass

  • Wheat straw
  • Spent brewery grains from beer production
  • Dried distilled grains from ethanol production

Core Biochemicals

Lactic Acid, PolyLactic Acid, Ethyl Lactate and Sodium Lactate.

Cellulac has pioneered a refining process that addresses key needs around raw materials, use of energy and use of land to generate high purity D and L LA, Sodium Lactate and Ethyl Lactate.

Because Cellulac’s technology exposes the molecular structure of its raw material that can be ‘mined’ with proprietary enzymes and patented bacteria, it is a platform technology that will be used in the manufacture of a number of other chemicals.


To deploy our platform technology at existing fermentation sites either directly, through collaboration, joint ventures or licensing.